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Q. What in earth is a Vermipod?

A. Simply an earthworm cocoon encased in a nutrient rich clay.

Q. Whats so special about Earthworms?

A. Earthworms are the "guts of the earth." They naturally do everything you need to make positive things happen in the soil. They aerate the soil which allows moisture to flow easily into the root systems. Plus they excrete minerals that enhance the soil to give nutrients to plant life. NO Brainer. . .Its the the way things were meant to be

VermiPods will help any Lawn or Garden improve the Organic Way.  The Right Way.


  • Improve your yield whether it be a 1,000 Acre farm or 10' square penthouse raised garden...
  • Make your Lawn Look Luscious and green.
  • Ballfields, Parks, Picnic grounds.
  • Each Vermipod contains one capsules which can have as many as twenty eggs
  • Its is possible for fifty Vermipods to have the potential for 2,000 worms... Do the Math! Vermipods can be refrigerated up to 3 months before use.
  • To apply, just spread the Vermipod evenly among your lawn, garden just like you would with grass seeds.
  • The Vermipods you order will have a mixture of five different species of earthworms.
  • Each species enhances the soil their own certain way.

Recommendation for applying:  One VermiPod per Sq. yard.

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