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Why CompostingWorms.com?

Thank you for visiting Composting Worms.com !!! With over 3 generations of “worm expertise” we are one of the leaders in the worm and worm-related-product industry. Each day, attention and care is put into the total processing of our worms. The basics of proper feeding, watering, and climate control give our worms the advantage before arriving to your compost pile or garden. Our pricing is competitive, we guarantee live delivery, and we have customer phone service to handle any issues, questions, or concerns.

  • Over 3 Generations of “worm expertise”.

  • Worms shipped from our farm (no 3rd party.)

  • Guaranteed live delivery!

  • Compostingworms.com is composed of a team of worm experts who enjoy what we do!!! We want your worm experience ot be relaxing, enjoyable, and FUN. Your worms are shipped directly from our farm. There is no middle man or 3rd party involved. The process is painless and care free for all involved. All worms are shipped out Monday. They leave US Priority Mail and in 95% of the cases, they are delivered within 3 days. If your order is placed by Saturday, it will leave the following Monday. Basically, we make your “worm adventure” headache free!

    It's that easy!

    Guaranteed Live Composting Worms / Free Shipping on All Orders!

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