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5000 European Night Crawlers

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-Bed Run European's are just that.  They are the worms we run out of our growing beds. They are a mixture of sizes. They are perfect for adding to your lawn and garden soil as well as composting.  Many of these worms are still large enough to go fishing with.

-They are strong enough to break the earth. No frigid waters or hot garden beds will keep this tenacious worm from squirming. This worm was created for one purpose-To withstand the rugged outdoors!

-It makes a great composting worm but its forte is being added to lawn and garden soils. Its a very strong worm and specializes in aeration and fertilization of the soil. The tunnels it burrows allows water and other nutrients to reach root systems of your lawn and gardens. Proper aeration of soil guarantees excellent root growth and strength

- The perfect worm for ice fishing, deep sea fishing as it is impervious to the brutatlity of both climates.

-Breeds quick and easy to raise - just toss them in your composter, lawn, or garden and let them work!

-The most important thing to know about the difference between a Red Wiggler/Red Worms and a European Nightcrawler is that Red Worms need a compost pile and organic debri to survive. European Nightcrawlers do not! European Nightcrawlers can be added directly to your lawn or garden soil. They will begin aerating and fertilizing your soil immediality!

  • Easy to raise  (Double in population every 3 months)

  • Grows to 6" in length (2 to 5 times bigger then regular redworms just as active)

  • Heat and Cold Resistant

  • Breeds quickly (doubles every 3 months)

  • Perfect fit for any compost bin or pile

  • Excellent fish bait
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