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Mr.ECO Kitchen Pail with Tumbler

$ 49.99
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Generally speaking, composting isn’t such an enjoyable activity. It often comes with putrid smells, an awful visual and can cause undesirable insects to appear.

Mr.ECO smartly resolves the problem by eliminating the inconveniences of recuperating compostable materials. Ingeniously designed, it is equipped with a unique and patented lid with a 100%-tight mechanism that locks in odors and eliminates any eye contact with the compost.

Made entirely in Canada using recycled plastic, Mr.ECO is cleaning friendly, goes in the dishwasher and is completely recyclable. It may even give a hand in other household chores as it can also be used to collect diapers or cat litter.

This way, Mr.ECO helps citizens who care for the environment, every day.


  • Mini compost bin with tumbler to hide all previously collected waste. Drop in new waste, then turn and it is all gone.
  • Capacity: 10ltr. / 2.7gal.
  • Odourless design.
  • Eliminates presence of insects.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Made of recycled plastic.
  • Includes 3 biodegradable bags (not necessary for use).
  • Sturdy wall hanger.
  • Either hang from cabinet door under sink or place on top of counter.
  • Warranty: 2 years against manufacturers defect.
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